F1: Special Moments Reduction System

And Hamilton goes round the outsiiiide… And TAKES THE LEAD FROM ALONSO!!!

It wasn’t THAT exciting in reality, was it? Because everyone knew that Hamilton would get through. He just had to wait until the DRS zone, open his wing and wave bye bye to Alonso. Some have praised him for not trying a crazy overtake anywhere else on the track. He did well to keep his cool and only attack when he knew Fernando would be a sitting duck.

With DRS, the sport is losing magic moments every race. The real overtaking moments or the really smart defending tactics with an inferior car. With DRS, Gilles Villeneuve would not have won the 1981 Spanish Grand Prix. Mika Hakkinen wouldn’t need to make a brilliant move past Schumi in Spa 2000. Everyone still goes to youtube to see those moments. We will not be going to youtube in a few years time (or pay for content) to watch Hamilton open his rear wing and breeze past Alonso to win the Canadian Grand Prix.


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