INDYCAR: Indianapolis 500 finish – LIKE!!

This year’s Indianapolis 500 finish was a thriller. Just like last year’s, but for very different reasons.

In 2011, if JR Hildebrand hadn’t done the favour of crashing in the last corner while leading, the final stint of the race would have been remembered as a fuel saving exercise. We had Bertrand Baguette staying out hoping for a yellow (there should be a law against someone called Bertrand Baguette winning the Indy 500). And the Ganassi cars, who had looked so strong all day, were out of contention because of fuel issues.

In 2012, there were no such situations. Pure racing until the very end was exactly what Indycar needed at the moment.

Formula 1 is too influenced by tyres, and Indycar is too influenced by fuel strategy. It needs to think through how to avoid excessive influence of this one single factor.

Special thanks to Takuma Sato – Indycar would not be the same without him and his kamikaze moves. Just like Kobayashi in F1, it’s not only about bringing the second biggest economy in the world into the sport. They definitely fulfil a higher purpose. Arigato!


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